Use the range of engineering expertise at Seng Engineering Consultancy to ensure your next project is a success.


Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering covers a wide range of engineering, Seng Engineering Consultancy is experienced in most types of civil engineering and can help you with your next project.



Seng Engineering Consultancy can address the stormwater, wastewater, water supply and roading requirements of your subdivision. We can provide tendering site supervision, administration and certification for these works also.

Onsite Wastewater

On-site wastewater systems provide treatment and disposal of wastewater within the property, it is important that these systems are designed to avoid risks to public health and the environment. The Marlborough Sounds environment creates many challenges for the treatment and disposal of wastewater. Sometimes working outside the standard NZS1547:2012 to find a suitable solution we can provide independant advice and design to address your onsite wastewater needs. We also review existing systems for renewal and resource consents.


Large areas of the Marlborough Sounds are zoned “Unstable Hazard” in the Marlborough Sounds Resource Management Plan. Seng Engineering Consultancy can help you assess the stability of your property and provide you with cost effective solutions to your geotechnical needs. We also undertake soil assessment for foundations.

Hydraulic Assessments

When you are considering building a bridge or culvert crossing, diverting a stream, or building in a flood plain, it is important to assess the area properly to avoid costly remedial works and ongoing maintenance. Use our experience in this area of civil engineering to ensure your project is a success.

Earthworks & Retaining Walls

It is important to get the right position and levels to avoid costly earthworks and retaining walls. We can help.


Need a chartered professional engineer to design, check and certify your road or subdivision? Give us a call.


Coastal Engineering

With experience in the Marlborough Sounds from Port Underwood Sound to the tip of D’Urville Island we understand the Sounds environment and ensure our designs and recommendations are environmentally sensitive, practical and economical. Gaining knowledge working with the late John Smart, a well-known and respected Marlborough Engineer who specialised in coastal and harbour developments has provided a sound base on which to develop this area of engineering.


Site Development

If you have a steep site covered in thick native bush on which you want to build a house, or just need some minor works to help you enjoy your house / holiday home more, Seng Engineering Consultancy can be of service.


Jetties come in a range of styles depending on the location and environment. We can assess the best type of jetty for your site and needs, from standard fixed timber jetty to floating pontoons and aluminium gangways. We can also undertake structural condition assessments for existing jetties to assist in the renewal of your resource consent.


Building your boatshed in the Marlborough Sounds is not guaranteed, you must first gain approval through the resource consent process. Using our experience in boatsheds, a modest and practical boatshed can often gain approval enabling you to get the outcome you desire. Either working with Architects to provide you with a visually stunning boatshed, or an off-the-shelf garage solution, Seng Engineering Consultancy can assist you in the process.

Protection Works

Use our understanding of the Marlborough Sounds environment to get the most suitable protection solution for your needs. If it is protecting the bach, track, foreshore or reclamation from the sea we can help.


To get the best use of your boatshed a slipway (ramp) is a great way to access your boatshed from the sea. We have designed a number of slipways, let us use our experience to help you to find the perfect fit.